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Adani Wilmar has the largest portfolio of brands in the consumer essentials edible oils segment.The brand Fortune tops the consumer’s choice in branded edible oils. Today, the firm is is present in various categories of oils such as soyabean, sunflower, mustard, rice bran, cottonseed, groundnut and blended oil.


Fortune perfect 3 season’s basmati rice is nurtured and perfected through systematic harvesting over 3 seasons. Its long slender shape, distinctive aroma and appealing texture tantalizes the taste buds of every rice lover.

Soya Chunks

These wonder nuggets are 99% fat free and come with Proti-9 which have the balance of 9 amino acids. These soya chunks are super soft, delightfully delectable and easy to digest. In addition to proteins, they provide vitamins, minerals, and fiber for growing children.


Fortune besan comes with the purafresh promise and is untouched by hands to maintain 100% hygiene .With a technologically advanced grinding method, it retains its aroma and ensures consistent taste for a longer period


Fortune Pulses come with significant nutritional and health advantages. They are a Major source of protein and possess the qualities of having Low moisture content, natural goodness, color sorted and graded grains. The choicest of grains are picked to give a delectable experience for an aromatic and tasty dal.


A white granular Vanaspati prepared through the hydrogenation of superior quality refined oil and fortified with Vitamin A and D. It is preferred for preparations that need to be deep-fried or sautéed for a longer period

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